Science Reviews - Biology

Instructions for Authors and Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts submitted to Science Reviews must not have been previously published. Likewise, they cannot be under consideration for publication in another journal.

  1. Science Reviews publishes 2 types of articles.

    Reviews. The review articles present the recent progress in author’s area of expertise. Review articles should give a concise and unbiased picture of recent developments and publications.

    Research articles. Scientific articles present original theoretical and/or experimental results obtained by the authors. These theoretical and/or experimental results must be scientifically sound and provide a significant amount of new information

  2. Manuscripts submitted to Science Reviews must not exceed 10,000 words. We employ this requirement to keep the size of the printed journal “Science Reviews – Biology” manageable. This journal is printed in Canada and sent to authors free of charge by regular mail.

  3. The text of submitted manuscripts must be concise, comprehensive and written in English. For experimental articles, disclosure of all details of the experiment is mandatory so that the experimental results can be reproduced.

  4. All manuscript files must initially be submitted in .pdf format. If your text, illustrations, data, etc. are in separate files, please combine them into one .zip archive when submitting your manuscript. You do not need to format your article for our journal as this will be done by our technical staff.

  5. Although the formatting of manuscripts is flexible, all manuscripts should contain: Author Information, Affiliation, Contact Information, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Main Body of the article, Conclusions, List of References and Conflict of Interest statement. The Discussion section is optional for the review articles and mandatory for the research articles.

    Manuscripts may also optionally include ORCID identifiers, Figures and Tables, Funding Information, details of Authors’ Contributions, Acknowledgments, Appendices and Ethics Statements.

  6. All references in the manuscript should be listed in the bibliography at the end of the article. References should be sorted either alphabetically or in the order in which they appear in the text. While DOI numbers are optional, they are highly welcomed.

  7. Equations (if any) must be editable and be created using Microsoft Equation Editor. Equations presented as images are not allowed.

Manuscript submission

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Editorial and Peer-Review Process

All submitted manuscripts are reviewed by the managing editor to determine whether they are properly prepared and comply with the ethical policy of the journal. Manuscripts that do not comply with the journal's ethical policies or standards are rejected prior to peer review.

After the manuscript has passed the initial review, it is submitted to reviewers for peer review. We use double-blind peer review, meaning the reviewers do not know the names of the authors. The reviewer's comments are confidential and are disclosed only with the express consent of the reviewer.

Reviewers also provide editors with a score that indicates the value of the article. After the completion of the next journal issue this score will be used to identify an outstanding article for which APC amount will be refunded and the author will be paid an $300 honorarium.

Editorial decision and revision

Upon completion of the review process, the author will be notified of the journal's decision. The follwing outcomes are possible.

  • Artcile is accepted as is.
  • Artcile is accepted with minor revisions.
  • Major revisions and re-review is necessary.
  • Reject.