Science Reviews - Biology

Rae Osborn. Climate Change and Avian Populations: a Review

Posted on: Jan 23, 2024, 20:41:45

Description: Avian species fulfill many important roles in their respective ecosystems as seed dispersers, pollinators, and predators. Avian populations have previously, currently, and are likely to be affected by climate change. Climate change can cause distribution ranges to shift, migration patterns to alter, and reproductive success to decrease. Climate change may also impact plants and invertebrate prey, thereby modulating food availability and accessibility and likely reproductive potential. The impact of climate change on avian species is difficult to predict given the complexities of bird natural histories and the shifting importance of ecological variables on survival. Given the global biological importance of bird species, conservationists need to be cognizant of these potential changes in avian populations as well as their impacts and design appropriate action plans based on the most accurate available data.

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