Science Reviews - Biology

Rae Osborn. Recent insights into the use of invertebrates as indicators of habitat quality

Posted on: Sep 26, 2022, 19:22:27

Description: Invertebrates are an important part of aquatic and terrestrial systems, and are, thus, useful as indicators of environmental changes. Habitat quality can be assessed by noting changes in species composition, and relative abundances, using various indices, and by alterations in physiology and morphology of what are known as indicator species. Research shows that invertebrates can be used to indicate if habitat conditions have changed, either worsened or improved. This is why identifying indicator species is crucial. This article covers some recent findings of how invertebrate organisms can be helpful in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in indicating ecosystem and habitat deterioration. We also discuss what makes a good indicator species and the types of taxa that have been used in this way.

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